National Climatic Data Center. Their most detailed information is available at their Online Store. Because the site is so big and hard to navigate, here are the most helpful areas:

Extreme Weather/Events
Temperature Extremes
El Nino/La Nina
Local Storm Reports
Recent Events (past 10 years)

Data Graphs
Graph for 1 Month
Specific Time Period
Compare Two Stations

Other Information
Radar Image Archive
Upper Air Data Archive

30-year Climatological Data
National Diurnal ClimatologyNew!

More Resources
NCDC Complete List
Historical Weather Facts

If you want quick information for a specific date, nothing is easier than the Weather Underground.
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Weather History and Archives

The best resource for finding historical weather data is the
Type in your City, State or Zipcode...
Near the bottom of that page there will be a section marked "Historical Conditions". Just select the date you are interested in.

If you still can't find what you're looking for...
If you can not find it on the internet, go to your local library. There you can find newspapers from past dates. Look at the weather section for the date you are looking for. That has worked well for many people.

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